Protected by Den-Dry stickers

Oh lawdy, they’ve done a thing

Ok, so we are always doing a thing here at Ravenwolf Marine, so this is nothing different, per se. However, it has been a while. The Capt. & myself, well, we’ve been doing a lot of cogitation on the subject of swag in recent weeks. We’ve sent out pens and keychain flashlights in the past. You may have recently ordered Den-Dry and discovered, with your thank you card, a little something extra in the way of swag.

Travel trailer camping protected by Den-Dry

Swag me baby!

Why not include stickers with each order we send out? Why not! Many RVers have those nifty travel stickers on the backsides of their rigs or trailers. There should be a ‘Protected by Den-Dry’ sticker there, too. Announce to those walking past, or driving past if you are on the road, that you’ve taken that step to ensure a dry mattress resides beneath slumbering bodies. Protected by Den-Dry stickers

Display your sticker with confidence, knowing that each night you’re out camping, especially if you’re in the Northwest Pacific area – hi Seattle! – during the winter months, that your mattress will be protected from mold and mildew. Y’all are in the thick of it, damp and cold, but I sure am glad y’all are not sparkly!

Coming soon – more surprise goodies

If you haven’t committed to making your Den-Dry purchase yet, you’ll be in for an even tastier surprise coming after Thanksgiving. We’re always looking for ways to help promote the banishment of bunk funk, with both Den-Dry and the swag that comes with it – I mean, who doesn’t enjoy getting a small token of thanks, or a little goodie, in an order? I know I do!

As always, if you’ve got an idea for us here at Ravenwolf Marine, please, contact us! We enjoy hearing from our fellow travelers. You never know when your idea might help the next recipient of Den-Dry.

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