How Wolfie’s Den Came To Be

Here at Ravenwolf Marine, as we ( myself and hubby) contemplate how to grow our business and brand, Den-Dry, we’ve cogitated upon many ideas. The ideas range from potential new products for our Den-Dry Condensation Control line to a handful of cute kitschy items. Sure, he has to reign me in from time to time. I get a little overboard with the cuteness and creativity.

However, what is something that has always stuck with our customers? That ‘high touch,’ the boutique experience, makes each sale more personable, rather than generic and cold. This means our colored tissue paper will be back, as we’ll begin shipping from our Culpeper Warehouse once more. I’ve had to digitize the handwritten thank you cards, as sales have increased enough to make my hand drop off from writing so much. No, not complaining, just making sure y’all get your orders in a timely fashion.

Blogging and lightbulb moments

Besides going back to our ‘high touch’ we started out with, what about a blog? Many businesses have one, after all. Of course, we did have a blog at one point, Well, that incurred some frustrating issues, like the hosting company shutting down, and we didn’t know it. That makes it a bit difficult to write a blog, let alone have anyone actually see it. However, it shall be resurrected! Once things slow down with all our other projects, that is. Sure, Shopify has a blogging area for one’s e-commerce store; however, it is limited in creatively displaying one’s words. Here we are, hanging out in the den, Wolfie’s Den. Thank you!

Yes, Virginia, there will be a blog post regarding events that lead us back to our basics. I mean, this is a blog, after all!

So, introducing Wolfie’s Den, full of travels and tribble-ations, with random guest appearances from Shatner’s Toupee, who I’ll be introducing, pictures and all, in a blog post, coming soon to a solar system near you! Stay tuned, and keep checking into The Den for what I, Wolfie, might have next!