So, you wanna know about Wolfie, eh? What about The Den, or better yet, Ravenwolf Marine and the brand Den-Dry. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here, you’ll find links to all of the above. Not to mention links to various stand-out blog posts that broach the subject of the RWM lifecycle and more.

How can Wolfie be summed up in a few words? Well, that’s not such an easy task! So follow me to Wolfie’s page and be astounded by her one-of-a-kind persona … 

What is the best description of The Den? It’s a place to relax, for both Wolfie and her cohorts, IE: her fam bam, who just happens to also be the folks she lives and works with, and more! Locally, it’s a hang out for RWM’s ‘murder pack’. Yes, we know crows are a murder whilst ravens are a parliament. However, ‘Parliament Pack’ just doesn’t sound as good as ‘Murder Pack’. 

About Ravenwolf Marine

Ravenwolf Marine was born out of necessity. Have you looked under your mattress recently if you own or live in a boat, RV, tiny house? You better … Follow me to the land of how condensation control became a business.