These ‘About’ pages can be such trouble to write. Where to begin, what to say, selling one’s self. As an author, I think this is one of the most challenging things to write, my autobiographical summary or page. Twenty years ago, I struggled with this, and here I am, again, what pithy thing can I say about myself. What is it about Wolfie?

Photo of Wolfie in The Den

Well, I’ll tell ya what it is about Wolfie; I’m crazy. Crazy about writing, crazy about the water, and more so crazy about my company Ravenwolf Marine. Not only do I own a company, wow, who’d have thunk I would? I also have recently trademarked our condensation control product, Den-Dry. Of course, I won’t drop it all here on the about page. You’ll have to read about how RWM came to be and all that jazz in a blog post all its own. It wasn’t just one thing that led to how I got here, that’s for sure!

I’m an avid water baby, always have been and always will be. So it’s not surprising that I’d end up living aboard a sailboat for a few years. That’s another blog post because one cannot sum such a life event up in one or two sentences.

So, what is it about Wolfie that has me here, getting out of my comfort zone, going that extra mile to start a blog? My love of community, of course.