About Ravenwolf Marine – the short version

Who Knew?!

OMG what is growing in our mattress?! Upon stripping the cover off of the foam. Ewww. Mold. No wonder I have a migraine all the time and feel like crap.

The timeline of RWM

From Den-Dry and photography to boating canvas, we’ve stumbled and crawled – along with a capsize to boot – through the last five years. We all make mistakes, which are lessons, not really mistakes(?) unless one wants to be overly pessimistic. Hey, our glass is half full! Ok at one point SV Shindyah was an 1/8 filled, on land. Yeah, that wasn’t a fun find coming into Spring 2021.


Will we EVER sell any of this?!

Ravenwolf Marine abard SV Shindyah docked on the West River, MD.


We need more space!

Cargo trailer acquired, canvas sewing ensues, along with storage and fulfillment of Den-Dry orders, at a marina.


Need more space!

Into the garage we go, after starting caregiving duties ashore.