Swag is here!

Bom bom bom bom bom!

The unveiling of swag is here! Along with some updated Thank You cards for the holiday season. In our updated Post Installation kit, y’all will find along with your Protected by Den-Dry sticker, some omnomnoms in the form of Skittles. Den-Dry swagUntil recently, we’ve been sending out the Post Installation kit envelopes in the smaller size. Some folks might recall the yellow envelopes with all the silly sci-fi and My Little Pony related warnings.

We’ve decided to tone those down, considering not everyone is going to know the latest in Equestria, or Whovian, universes. However, I am fairly certain that everyone likes to get smiles – ok, well, most everyone that is! The Mane Six

What type of omnomnoms stuffs well?

Determining what edible swag would be best, an easily stuffable at that, took much mulling over. The item cannot melt, that’s for sure. Who wants to find a melted mess in a wrapper? I don’t! I’ll still eat my Reese cup, mind you, but I’ll still make a face upon opening the wrapper. So we are sharing the rainbow!

We got our fair share of Skittles in various sized packaging. Our first run came in the form of Halloween Skittles from Michaels. Whilst totally fun, not to mention they are the sour kind, the size of the package was too large for our Post Installation kit envelopes. Hubbs went over to Martins and then to Target, then back to Martins in an effort to get the proper size. Since it was around Halloween, said Skittles were not in their typical locations in either store. Go figure! 

Once we determined what size stuffs best, over to the internet to find the best way to order the omnomnoms. Amazon, go figure! Then, it’s like, uh what flavor to get? Tropical won out!


Do we have everything now?

Post Installation Kit envelopes? Check!  

Holiday cards printed? Check!

Protected by Den-Dry stickers? Check!

Skittles? Check!

Various and assorted stickers? Double check!

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